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Dear Suppliers

LTD Material is closely monitoring the development and changing of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. To safeguard the health and well being of our LTD Material team members and our visitors we have implemented strict country restrictions for international business travel. In addition, we want to inform you of the restrictions of non-business critical visitors to LTD Material sites.

This means that

  • Suppliers should not visit LTD Material until there is an LTD Material determined business-critical need.
  • For all other needs we encourage to utilize online tools to conduct business meetings
  • If there is a business-critical need for a supplier to visit one of LTD Materials sites all Visitors must follow the following protocol:
    • Visitors, contractors or vendors who are currently showing novel coronavirus symptoms are prohibited from entering LTD Material sites
      • Access will be allowed after being symptom free without the aid of medication for at least 24 hours.
    • Visitors, contractors or vendors traveling from a restricted location (China +Hong Kong and Macau, European Union, Iran, and South Koera) will not be allowed on-site at LTD Material for 14 days from the first date of departure from restricted locations.
    • Visitors, contractors or vendors having known exposure to people recently in or returning from (China +Hong Kong and Macau, European Union, Iran, and South Korea) are not allowed to visit LTD Material sites for 14 days upon first exposure to that person.
    • Any employees, contractors or visitors with indications of a fever (100.4F/ 38C or higher) will not be permitted on-site and will be tested prior to admittance.

The following global health organizations are great resources that provide information on emerging health issues affecting the world or your local communities.

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